Shipments and returns

Product delivery: Delivery time is within 2-3 working days for products that are in stock in EU. For products that are in stock at any of our partners outside EU, delivery is within 7 days, and it shall be shipped directly from there. We deliver mostly by express service by DHL.

Note: Some products are in stock in Italy, Spain and Germany. In this way we avoid unnecessary transportation costs and additional warehouse space, warehouse workers, security, insurance, etc. All these costs affect the price of products. As a result, the end customer receives the goods he has chosen at a significantly higher price. Our goal is to deliver products at the best market price, avoiding any unnecessary appreciation!

Product return: Terms of returning products You can return a product if it is damaged, fails to meet the size, color and model ordered or you have found a defect in it. In these cases, we shall fully refund your money and the return courier cost shall be at our expense. Also, you might want the product to be replaced! A customer may return or ask a product to be replaced, if he has ordered the wrong size, color and model of the product himself. Then courier costs shall be at his expense. If a customer has waived the order and does not indicate any reason for return, in this case the courier cost shall be covered by himself.

Orders can be returned within 15 working days of receipt.

Refunds shall be made within 7 working days from the date of notifying the customer of the result of the returned product inspection. A product must be returned in its original packaging, bearing all original labels, without the product being used. Keep safe from damage and do not throw away the original packaging before ensuring that your shipment meets the requirements. Upon receipt of courier shipment and if you notice that the packaging integrity is compromised and/or there are traces of damage, please do not accept and open it, but return this shipment back because your product can be damaged and inform us immediately. In this case, we shall refund your money or replace the product, if you wish so!

We ship all our products in sound packages and take any necessary measures to protect from external influences during transport!

We shall not proceed with the refund if the returned product is:

  • Partially or fully damaged by customer fault;
  • Not returned in its original design, packaging, has any missing parts and labels.If the customer has noticed any of those are missing upon receipt of delivery, he must notify us immediately, and then take due note in the return data form;
  • If you have noticed that the packaging integrity is damaged and/or shows signs of damage, but still you have accepted it;

Procedure of returning products

If you wish to return a product, you can do it by using the form of the relevant order. For this purpose, you need to log in into your profile and use the menu to enter the Order History and Details. You will see there a list of all your orders. Then select the product you wish to return and tap on Details.At the bottom you will see information about the entire order and Return option.

In the return form, please describe in more detail the reason for return. It will help us to improve our services in the future. Also, you can email us at:, where you must indicate the order number and describe the reasons for return. We shall return a reply with detailed instructions on the return process! After we receive it, the product shall be reviewed by our technical team and it shall compare the reasons for return you have described with the returned product condition. You shall then be notified of the inspection outcome. If your product return is eligible, we will take steps for refund.